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2016 Thank You!

CBM and our church partner the Bolivian Baptist Union send greetings and express their sincerest gratitude for your partnership in 2016.  STEP churches continue to be a key part of our ministry in Bolivia.  Your support in 2016 has enabled the church in Bolivia in the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel.  Because of your partnership the Casa de la Amistad has provided a safe place for children living in prison with their parents.  Child workers have been cared for through Jireh at Sinai Baptist Church.  Many families in the areas of Mizque and Yotala have received education, testing and treatment for chagas disease, and home renovation in order to prevent reinfection.

Your partnership continues to have significant impact!

A special thank you goes to the people of Blythwood and Weston Park for your continued heart for Leadership Formation in La Paz.  Through your partnership Pastors have received theological training and are better equipped to lead their congregations and local churches are being encouraged and equipped to engage in community development through significant integral mission initiatives.

Your partner looks forward to your church’s serving and learning trip in 2017 where you will have opportunity to strengthen relationships and engage firsthand in these projects.

May God bless you in your ministry this year to the people in Toronto and Bolivia.  This site will continue be used regularly to keep you updated and to strengthen the relationship between your congregation and the partner in Bolivia.

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